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by admin on February 28, 2013


Today’s post is Part 3 in my Aromatherapy Business Series and we’ll focus on choosing the products to provide to your customers.  I also have a few recommendations as to where you can purchase some of these products.  These are all places that I personally use in my OWN aromatherapy business and can vouch for their quality and business practices.

There are a ton of options for the different types of products that you can offer your customers. One of the many things that I love about this business is that there are just so many ways that you can be unique and customize your business to your interests and expertise.

With that being said, if you’re running an aromatherapy business, there are at least a FEW things that people expect you to offer, one of which is, of course, essential oils.  But even here, there are ways to be unique and set your business apart.

Essential Oils

You most likely will want to offer a wide variety of single note essential oils.  This provides your customers with a way to have fun creating their own blends for specific purposes and different uses, such as diffusers, bath and body, or massage.  You’ll need to carry some of the most commonly-used and popular oils for immediate sales and blending.  But you also need a pipeline for placing special orders on oils that you might not keep on hand.

Synergies are also a type of aromatherapy product that you’re going to want to offer.  These oil blends are good for those customers that are new to the aromatherapy concept or who simply don’t want to do their own blending.  Synergies are also excellent for use in diffusers, or what is called “environmental fragrancing.”

If you encourage your customers to do their own blending, then you’re probably also going to want to offer supplies such as bottles, droppers and other containers.  If you encourage your customers to mix body care products such as massage oil or shampoos then you’ll also need plastic containers, pumps, tins, etc.


Diffusers are a really fun way to offer the benefits of aromatherapy.  And there are such a huge variety of diffusers they can be offered as gift options or home decor as well. They range from fairly utilitarian to beautiful glass designs.  Some of the different types of diffusers are:

  • candle diffusers –> made up of a bowl of water suspended over a tea light candle.  A single note oil or synergy blend is added to the water.  As the candle heats the water, the fragrance is released.
  • car diffusers –> several different types, but they usually plug into the car’s cigarette lighter.
  • electric nebulizers –> most often used in therapeutic settings.  They turn the oil particles into microparticles and release them into the air.
  • pottery diffusers –> this type has many different shapes, and can be used in many different places.  The pottery (usually terra cotta) is porous and absorbs the oils, then releasing them into the air.  You’ll find them as jewelry, little statues that sit on a nightstand or a car dashboard, or hung as ornaments.
  • ceramic bulb rings –> place them on top of a light bulb and place the oil in the ring.  As the bulb heats the ring the oil’s fragrance is released.
  • electric fan diffusers –> oil is applied to a paper pad or cartridge and then placed in a holder in the diffuser.  The fan lifts the oil out into the room.
  • electric heat diffuser –> same idea as the electric fan, but instead there’s a small heating element that heats the pad and releases the oil.

There are several places to find all of these products online … they all have wholesale and/or affiliate accounts so that you can get them at reduced prices to sell at retail.  One site has pretty much ALL of these products, from the oils to the diffusers.  That company would be Mountain Rose Herbs.  They don’t offer a true wholesale account, but they have a great bulk buying program which provides significant discounts.  And if you become an affiliate with them, you can get all of your own products at the discount, which is 15%.

One of my favorite sites for diffusers is DiffuserWorld. They have a huge variety of nebulizers and electric diffusers.  You can sign up as an affiliate or they have a wholesale option.

Another option for pottery diffusers is Terra Cotta Pendants.  These are little diffusers that you wear as jewelry pendants … very cute.  I’ve had great success with these at both my home parties and vendor events.  They also have both an affiliate program and a wholesale account option.  See my separate post about this company here.

Wow, this post has gotten long already!  I have more options for aromatherapy products that you may want to consider offering your customers, but I’m going to save them for my next post :-)

If you have any questions about any of the companies I’ve mentioned, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I’d be happy to help out any way that I can.

Be sure to come back for my next post and find out what other aromatherapy product options there are for your business!



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