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by admin on February 23, 2013



Today’s post is the second in a series on aromatherapy retail business.  Click here to read Part 1 of the series. I’m going to focus on what is probably the most-used and best-loved aromatherapy product … lavender.

If I were on a desert island and had only one oil with me, I’d want it to be lavender essential oil.  Lavender is one of only two oils that can be used “neat” (without dilution) directly on the skin.  And I don’t know of one single oil that has all the benefits of lavender …  stress-relief, soothing achy muscles, use on minor burns, cuts and wounds, acne, headache, insomnia … the list goes on and on.

If you’re a certified aromatherapist, or a health practitioner like a massage therapist or spa owner, then lavender is definitely an oil that you would want to have in your arsenal, along with the many others that you use in your business.  But if you simply love essential oils and aromatherapy, focusing your business on lavender alone can be a great way to carve out a niche in this growing field.

The beauty of lavender is not only that the essential oil has so many uses, but so many other wonderful products can be made from it as well.  So as an aromatherapy retailer, focusing on lavender oil and other lavender products allows you to expand your target market to include many people who may not be interested in “aromatherapy” specifically but who simply love the smell of lavender and/or those who like to buy unique and small-batch bath and body products.

If you make your own aromatherapy products, starting a “lavender line” allows you to appeal to those folks who simply like products that smell good and aren’t necessarily interested in lavender as a beneficial oil.  The products you can develop using lavender oil are almost endless … bath salts, body scrubs, soaps, body washes and shampoos, lotions and creams, foot care products, room mists and sachets … even pet products can be made with lavender since it’s one of the few oils that are safe for animals.  Culinary lavender has a market as well … you can sell teas, ice cream, preserves … or simply sell the culinary lavender flowers for others to use in their own recipes.

One of the best sources for organic herbs and oils is Mountain Rose Herbs.  They have an incredible variety of oils and blends, as well as the fresh flowers.

What if you don’t have time or simply don’t want to make your own products?  You can still retail a line of lavender products by becoming an affiliate of a company that produces their own lavender products.  Or you can order them at wholesale (for this option you’d need a state resale tax certificate)  and then sell them in your own store, salon, vendor booth or home parties.

One of the best companies that I’ve found for this option is Lavender-Love.  I’ve partnered with this company and have been with them for a year and a half.  Their lavender products are the best I’ve seen.  With a huge variety of lavender-based items, you could pretty much stock your own store just by buying your products here!  One thing that I love is that their products are made in small batches, so you know everything is really fresh when you get it.

I also love the fact that you can buy just about all of their products in straight lavender scent or in a blend with other oils such as mint or vanilla.  They honestly sell just about any product that can be made with lavender!

The sign-up fee with this company is the lowest I’ve seen, only $10!  And you get a healthy 30% off all the products you buy as an affiliate, or a 30% commission on what you sell.  If you’re interested in a wholesale account, your discount is even lower at 40%.  This is an awesome way to get started in a retail aromatherapy business, and I haven’t found a home-based business that’s LESS expensive to start.  You could even join if you just want the discount and don’t want to start a business!

Selling products in a specific niche is a very good way to get started in a home-based business since it allows you to focus your efforts on a target market.  If this sounds like it could be a fit for you, I’d love to have you on my “Lavender Team.”  With such a low start-up fee and large variety of products, this is a great way to start a business or add to an existing one!

If you have questions about the products or would like to hear some ideas on how you can get started, contact me here.  Or if you’re ready to join … sign up here.  And welcome to the team!












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