Thinking About Starting an Aromatherapy Party Plan/Direct Sales Business?

by admin on January 30, 2013


Have you ever thought about starting a home party plan or direct sales business?  Have you been wishing that you had a little bit of extra money every month?  Maybe you’re a mom whose kids have started school and you have some extra time on your hands.  Or perhaps you’re a college student who needs some extra money for tuition.  If you’re committed and willing to learn, a party plan business can be very rewarding and financially lucrative!

Probably one of the best aspects of a party plan business is the flexibility that you have with it.  It’s a business model where your earnings are in direct proportion to your efforts.  You can work as much or as little as you want … just realize that the money and other rewards you earn will be a reflection of the amount of time you put into your business.  I know there are those people that say that party plans don’t work … but I’d bet it’s because they’re not working their business.  It takes more than just signing up and purchasing a kit to make this business model work!

If you have another job, or if you have kids at home or that are busy at school with tons of activities, or even if you only want to work your business part-time, you can do that with a party plan or direct sales business.  The internet has made it easy to work your business from anywhere at any time … I can answer questions or make sales anytime from my phone and keep in close contact with my team.  It really gives the phrase “working from home” a whole new meaning … I have a “home business” but I don’t have to work it from home!

Another great benefit of a party plan business is that you can sell products that you love!  There are SO many direct sales companies out there … many that you’ve probably heard of for years like Pampered Chef and Tupperware.  But there are hundreds more too … Lia Sophia and Origami Owl for jewelry, Perfectly Posh, Scentsy, Gold Canyon for spa products and candles, Tastefully Simple and Dove Chocolates … the list goes on and on.  So whatever YOU have a passion for … I’d be willing to bet that there’s a party plan/direct sales company out there that you could join and have fun with while you earn money!

Since this is a blog about starting an aromatherapy business, that may be where your passion is … it sure is for me.  There are several choices in this field as well, and your choice comes down to whether you want to sell ONLY essential oils, or if you want to sell the oils as well as products made with oils.  You also should look at the price points of the products of these companies as well as whether or not there’s a monthly autoship requirement to stay active.  Some examples of these companies are doTerra, Young Living, Lavender Love and of course my own company NYR Organic.

If you love socializing and getting together with friends, as well as making NEW friends, a party plan business really may be just what you’re looking for!  There’s really nothing to lose, and there may be a LOT to gain … so why not give one a try?


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